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Smiple, Pain Free and Easy Web App management

Our One-Click Web Apps have everything you need to get your website going within minutes...

  • iconAutomatic Backups

    Backup anywhere, anytime, our automatic backups ensure your apps are always safe by creating scheduled complete backups. You can even backup to any remote location using FTP, FTPS, SFTP/SSH, WebDAV, and Dropbox for complete peace of mind.

  • iconAutomatic Updates

    Always keep up-to-date. Your apps can automatically backup and update immediately as new updates are released. You can even select what type of updates to install automatically and if an update fails your apps will even self recover.

  • iconRestore

    Restore your app at any time with a backup, even if your app is no longer installed. Backups also allow you to move your app to different locations, create a new install or to completely reset your existing app.

  • icon Cloning

    Cloning allows installed apps to be duplicated to different locations. Cloning can be used to test upgrades, create a sandbox to test mods, plugins, themes, or simply to duplicate an installed app.

  • icon One-Click Madness

    With over 200+ of the best hand picked apps available from Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB through to OpenCart and many more our one-click installer has something for everyone, available in one-click.

  • iconEmail Notifications

    Optional email notifications are sent immediately as new versions, security patches or other news becomes available by your installed apps. You can even view version notes, updates and history at any time from within the cPanel.

  • iconMultiple App Versions Available

    Unsure of which apps to use? No problem, all of our selected apps allow you to run live demo's within a single click. You can even choose from a specific version past and present to fit your specific needs.

  • iconWordpress

    With WordPress being one of the most popular apps today, you can even automate updates of plugins and themes to ensure security patches and updates are always automatically applied any time of day.

Free with all of our Shared Hosting Plans

affordable, reliable feature packed and setup instantly!

What are One-Click Apps?

Ever thought about blogging, running a forum or even managing your own wiki? Whatever your hosting needs, we're here to make it happen.

Our 1-Click Installers take the difficulty out of managing your website, allowing you to create instant blogs, shopping carts, wiki's, forums and more without the need to follow tutorials or requiring programming/web-design knowledge. It's easy!

Simply select an app, a location within your site, a version and any configuration options you desire. Click install and your app will be available within minutes.


Can I import existing installed apps?

Yes. Our one-click installer will allow you to import any installed compatable apps.

Can I clone my app to from one account to another?

Yes. Contact one of our friendly support staff to have your site cloned from one account to another. Great for web designers.

How Often are the apps updated

Critical updates are guaranteed to be tested and deployed within hours of release by the app vendor. This includes non-business day releases.