Updates… ??

As a team here at CSN-UK, we have seen a plethora of updates, upgrades and indeed overhauls of the technology we use day to day becoming ever more common place. With many of us here working tirelessly to ensure our network provides the best of what is and what will be available.

Many of these changes go unseen, with no fanfare, downtime or loss in performance to any of our services. Despite this, there has always been one aspect we have overlooked, very visible, yet it has always evaded the net.

This something we are happy to announce, is indeed our new website and with it we would like to introduce our whole new range of products with new shared hosting, VPS and dedicated packages now available!

Many of you however, may not remember the remnant that was and for those that use our support area daily, you will be reminded for a short while longer, this will however be updated in due course.

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