Our Actions Against The Heartbleed Vulnerability

If you’ve watched the news, read a paper or even switched on your radio within the past 24hours, you might be aware of the word Heartbleed. In short it’s a bug that has exposed a vulnerability in OpenSSL, a software that is used by web servers around the world.

The Heartbleed bug effects servers using specific versions of OpenSSL to encrypt data that is sent back and forth as you access their sites. This SSL technology is used by banks, social media, shops and most sites that use your sensitive data to ensure it cannot be stolen, accessed or read as it transits the internet.

The Heartbleed bug has the potential to allow attackers a means to exploit specific versions of OpenSSL to gain access to sensitive information that was previously thought to be secure. Many sites and providers where effected by Heartbleed and as a precaution it is recommended that you change your password on every online account, this is always a good practice and should be done regularly.

The team here at CSN-UK have checked our entire network to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist and can assure all customers that all CSN-UK serves where unaffected by the Heartbleed Bug.

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